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Sjmph Resjstive Cjrcuitr The equivalent resistance, Rcq, is the sum ol the r resistor values because the resistors are in series, as shown in Eq. 3.6. We apply Ohm's law a sec- ond time to calculate the voltage drop o/ across the resistor Rj. using the cureni t calculated in Eq.3.29: Vottaqe-division equation > Current-division equation t RI ur: iRt : =-1) 0 = (R1 R2 . .. iln,) : rReq. Note that we used Eq.3.29 to obtain the right-hand side oI Eq.3.30. Equation 3.30 is the voltage division equation. It says that the voltage drop ri across a single resistor Ri ftom a collection of se es-connected resistors is pioportional to the total voltage drop , across the set ofseries- connected resislors. The coDstant of propor'tionality is the mtio of the sin- gle resistance to the equivalert resistance of the series comected set of resistors, or R'/Red. Now consider
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