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68 Simpte Resistive citcujts Figurc 3.21 A An ammeter connected to measure the curent in Rr. and a voLtmeter connected to measure the Figue 3.22 A A short-circujt modet for the jdeat amme ier, and an open'circuit modeLtotthe jdeatvoLtmeter. Figue 3.23 A A sch€matjc diagram 0f a dl\rsonvat tigue 3.24 A A dc ammeter crrujt. 3.5 Measuring Vottage and €urrent When working with actual circuits, you will oJten need to measue volt- ages and cullents. we will spend some time discussing several measuring devices here and il the next section, because they are relatively simple to analyze and offer practical examples of the curent- and voltage-divider configurations we have just studied. An .nmet€r is an hsuument designed to measue curent;it is placed in seies with the circuit element whose cuuent is being measured A voltrnet€r is an instument d€signed to measure voltage;it is placed in par' allel with the element whose voltage
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