Electric Circuits 8th Edition 93

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 93 - 3.5 M easudns a nd ureni...

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circuit to which the meter is attached.In fact, any instrument used to make physical measu{ements extracts energy from the system while making measurements. The more energy extracted by the instnments, the more severcIy the measurement is disturbed, A real ammeter has an equivalent resistance Urat is not zero, and it thus effectively adds resistance to the cir- cuit itr series with the element whose current the ammeter is readins. A real \ohmeler bas an equivalenr resistance lhal is not inLinite, so it eFec- tively adds resistance to the circuit in pamllel with the element whose voltage is being read. How much these meters disturb the circuit beinA measured deDends on Lhe elteclive resistaDce of the meter. compared ;lh the resista;ce in
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