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70 SimpLe Resistjve Cncuits Usinq a d Arsonval Vottmeter a) A 50 mV, 1 nA d'Arsonval movement ls to be used in a voltmeter in which the full-scale rcad ing is 150V Determine nr. b) Repeat (a) for a lUll scale reading oI5V c) How much resistance does the 150 V meter insert into the circuit? d) Repeat (c) for the s V neter. b) For a tul] scale reading of5 Y Solution a) Full-scale deflection requjrcs 50 mV across the meier movement. and the movement has a resisl ance of 50 O. 'lterefore we apply Eq. 3.22 with Rr - RtR, : 50,D. = 150.and1)2 = 50nV. - 5rl s0. 10':=-(1s0). K/ + )ll Solving for Rr gives R. = 149,950 O. 50x103:nJso(s), R, : 4950 O.
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Unformatted text preview: resistance R- = 150.v = r5o.ooo ,l,. t 0 ' A or, altematively, n,,, - 149.950 + 50 - 150,000 O. d) Then, ^- : l]L = ,ooo ,,. ' t 0 ' A or, alternatively. R- : 4e50 + 5U = 50U0 A. objective 4-Be abte to determine the reading of ammet€rs and vottmeterc 3.5 a) Find the current in the circuit shown. b) lfthe ammeter in Example 3.5(a) is used to measure the cullent, what will it read? Answer: (a) 10 mA; (b) 9.524 mA. NO'.E: Abo try Chapter Probtems 3.30 a 3.33. 3.6 a) Find the voltage 1, across the 75 k0 resistor in the circuit shown. b) lfthe 150V voltmeter of Example 3.6(a) is used to measue l]re vollage,what will be ttre reading? 75 kO Answer: (a) 50Y (b) 46.15v...
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