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3.7 DeLta to'Wye (Pi-to-lee) EquivaL€ni Cncuiis + Figure 3.28 A A resistjve netwo* generated by a Wheaistone bridse circuit. 3.7 Detta-to-Wye (Pi-to-Tee) Equivalent Circuits The bridge configuratior in Fig. 3.26 introduces afl interconnectiofl of resistances that warrants further discussion. If we reDlace the salvano- meler $1lh rts equi\alenr resisrance R,. qe can draq rle circuir .houn in Fig. 3.28. We cannot reduce the interconrected rcsiston of this circuit to a single equival€nt resistance across the teminals ofthe batterv if reslricted to t]le simple series or parallel equivalent circuits introduced earlier in this chapter. The hterconnected resistors can be reduced to a single equiva- lent resistor by means of a delta-to-r,ye (A{o-Y) or pi-to tee (,7-ro-T) equivalent circuit.l The rcsiston Rl, R2, and R- (or R3, n- and R,) in the circuit shown in Fig.3.28 are referred to as a delta (d) intercorn€ction because the interconnection
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