Electric Circuits 100 - 76 Simph esistive R C ncuits...

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Unformatted text preview: 76 Simph esistive R C ncuits 0bjective -Xnow w h€n ndh owt o u sed etta-to-wyequivateritircuits 6 a e c 3.8 U se a Y-to-A t ansforinaticjnt o f ind t he v oltage . , i n L he ircuit horrn. c 105 } { Answer:J 5\ . NOTE: A bo t ry C hapter rcbletns.52,3.53, 3 .51. P 3 a nd Practical erspective P A R eaI indow efroster W D g A n odel o f a d efroster ridi s s hownn F ig.3 .36,w here a nd] , d enote he i r t horizontal ndv erticaLpacing f t he g rid e temerts. iven he d imensions a s o G t j of t he g rid, w e n eedt o f ind e xpressions e achr esistorn t he g fid s uch f of p that t he p owerd issipated er u nit t engthj s t he s aniej n e achc onductor. Thisw jlLe nsure niformh eatjrg o f t he r earw indowi n b oth t he . v a nd l u directjons. hus e n eed o f ind v atuesor t he g ridr esistors s atis! t he T w t f t hat foUowinqetationshiDs: r g tigur€3 ,36e M odetof d eftusta rid. a , '(+)(+) (+)='(+):,'(+):, (3.51) (3.52) :,,(+) = : "(+) -(+)+)-(+) ( ,,(?)=',(*) (3.50) (3.53) Web egjnt he a natysis f t he g rid b y t akinga dvantagef i ts s tructure. o o Notet hat i f w e d isconnect l owefp ortion f t he c ircuit( i.e.,t he r esjstor t he o i 1, T i &, R ,/,R a,a ndR 5),t he c urr€nts i z, i l, a ndi b a reu naffected.hus,nstead of a nalyzjng c ircuiti n F ig.3 .36, w e c an a nalyzehe s impler ircujti n t he t c ...
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