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'14 Simple Resktive Cncuits the A-connected circuit, the equivalent rcsistance can be computed using series and pamllel simplifications to yield R.(R" + nb) Rat : -R1 +R2, =R:+R:, =R1 +R} R.(R, + (3.11) (3.42) (3.43) 11.11) (3.45) R,+nb+R. Rr(R. + R,) Ra+Rb+R. StaightJorward algebnic manipulation of Eqs. 3.41 3.43 gives values for the Y-connected resistors in terms of the A-connected rcsistors reouired for the A-to-Y eouivaletrt circuit: Ra R. -Rd + R, + R,+R6+R.'
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Unformatted text preview: &Ra & + R r + R . 13.46) Revening tle A-to-Y trarsfomation also is possible. fhat iq we can start with the Y shucture aDd replace it with an equivalent A structure. The expressions for the three A-connected resistors as functions of the three Y-connected rcsistors are n1R2+R2R3+R3R1 \3.47) (3.48) (3.1e) R1 n 1 R 2 + R 2 R 3 + R 3 R r R2 n 1 R 2 + n 2 R 3 + R 3 R 1 Example 3.7 illustiates the use of a A{o-Y hansfomation to simplify tlle analysis of a circuit....
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