Electric Circuits 8th Edition 105

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 105 - satisfies Kirchhoff's...

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3.2 For each of tle cftcuits showr in Eg. P3.2, a) identify the rcsistors connected in parallel, b) simplify tle circuit by replacing the parallel- connected rcsisto$ with equivalent rcsistorc, 3,3 a) Find the power dissipated ir each resistor iII the cLcuit showr) in Fig. 3.9. b) Fhd tle power deiivered by the 120V source. c) Show that the power deliveted equals the power dissipated. 3,4 a) Show that the solution of the circuit in Fig. 3.9 (see Example 3.1) satisfies Kirchhoff's current law at junctions x and y. Figure P3.2 Flgure P3.7 2A 10() 81 b) Show
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Unformatted text preview: satisfies Kirchhoff's voltage law around every closed loop. Find lhe equivale0r resisrance seen by the source in each of the circuits of Problem 3- 1. Find the equivalent resistance seen b' lhe source in each of the circuits ol Problem 3.2. Eind the equivalent resistance R"b for each of the circuits in Fi9.I,3.7. Find the equivalent resistance Rab for each of the circuits in Fig. P3.8. 300 3,5 3.6 3J 3.8 14() Figure P3.8 1 4 0 500 4{O 7ko 12 [r 3 0 20a ' a z7a 2{l 300 \1 12 G) 24o"...
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