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3.18 3,11) 3.1S !ryq!!11 The no-load voltage in the voltage-divider circuit shown ir Fig. P3.15 is 20 V The smallest load resistor that is ever connecled 1o t]le divider is 48 kO. When the divider is loaded, r', is not to drop below 16 V a) Design the divider circuit to meet the speciJica- tions just mentioned. Specify the numerical value of R1 and R2. b) Assume the powei ratings of commercially available resistors are 1 /16, 118, 11 4, 1, aad 2 W. Wlat power rating would you specify? Figure P3.15 n1 100 v There is often a need to produce more than one voltage using a voltage divider. For example, the memory components of many penonal computen require voltages of -12 V, 5 V and +12 V, all with respect to a common reference terminal. s€lect the values of R1, R2, ard R3 in the circuit in Fig. P3.18 to meet the followitrg design requirements: a) The total power supplied to the divider circuit
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