Electric Circuits 8th Edition 109

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 109 - readinss: (a) 100 v,...

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3.28 For the cftcuit in Fig. P3.28, calculate (a) t, and tsdc (b) the power dissipated in ttre 15 O resistor. figuru P3.28 Figure P3.31 The curent in the 12 O resistor in the circuit in Fig. P3.29 is 1A, as shoM. a) Find 0s. b) Find tlle power dissipated in the 20 O resistoi. tigure P3.29 2ll 20() 1.2 0 5f) 2tl I -/ The ammetei described in Problem 3.31 is used to measrue the current jo in the circuit in Fig. P3.32. What is the percetrtage of elror ir the measured value? figure P3.32 4() 329 3() 6f) Section 3.5 3.30 a) Show for tle ammeter circuit in Fig. P3.30 that the current in the d'Arsonval movement is always 1/25th of the curent being measured. b) What would tle fraction be if the 100 mV 2 mA movement were used in a 5 A ammeter? c) Would you expect a unifom scale on a dc . d'Arsonval annneter? Figun P3.30 100 mV. 2 mA A d'Arsonval voltmoter is shown in Fig. P3.33.
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Unformatted text preview: readinss: (a) 100 v, (b) 5V, and (c) 100mV figure P3.33 t ) 3 , n 20 mA a l 1 A t2f} 3.34 Suppose tlle d'Arsonval voltmeter described in Problem 3.33 is used to measure the voltage aqoss the 24 O resistor in Fig. P3.32. a) What wil tle voltmeter read? b) Using lhe definilion of the percentage oferror in a meter reading found ir Problem 3.31, what is the percentage of eror in tle voltmeter rcading? A shunt resistor and a 50 mV, 1 mA d'Arsonval movement are used to build a 10 A ammeter. A resistance of 0.015 O is placed across the terminals of tle ammeter. Wlat is the new full-scale range of the ammeter? (25/n) a The ammeter in the circuit in Fig. P3.31 has a resist-ance of 0.5 O. What is the percentage of error in the reading of this ammeter if ^. / measwed value "\ _^^-,/o error: I ___________ .r | \ IUU/ \ rrue varue / 60f) 3.31...
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