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86 5impte Resjstive Circuits A d'Arsonval movement is rated at 1 mA and 50 nV Assume 0.5 W precision resistors are avail- able to use as shunt$ What is the largest full-scale- reading ammeler lhal can be designedl Eyplain. A d'Anonval ammeter is shown in Fig. P3.37. Design a set of d'Arsonval ammeten to rcad the fol- lowing tull-scale cunent readings: (a) 5 A, (b) 2 A, (c) 1 A, and (d) 50 mA. Specify the shunt resisror R,a for each ammeter- 3.3E 1!e elements in the circuit h Frg.2.Z have the folow- adc ing values: R1 = 20 kO, R, - 80 kO, rRc = 0.82 kO, Rr: 0.2 kO, Vcc = 7.5 V,% : 0.6V, and B = 39 a) Calculate the value of/s inmicroamperes. b) Assume that a digital multimeter, when used as a dc ammeter, has a resistance of 1kO. If the meter is inseted between terminals b and 2 to measure the current is, what will the meter read?
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