Electric Circuits 8th Edition 111

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Unformatted text preview: Prcbl€ms8 7 tigurc 3.42 P -----800V R-: I 100 v/ / \ m t ' A\-/ 3.44 Assume in designing the multLange voltmetet shown in Fig. P3.44that you ignore the rcsistanceof the meter movement, a) Specify the values of R1,R2,and R]]. b) For eachof the three ranges, alculatethe percent c ageof er:rorthat this desig[ strategyprcduces. tiglre P3.44 (b) r----. 3 .5 A m c o*'on T 50v 3.43 A 600 kO resistor is connected from the 200 V ter' minal to the common termhal of a dual-scile volt' meter, as shown iD Fi& P3.43(a). This modified voltrneter is then used to measurethe voltage across the 360 k(! resistor in the circuit ir Fig. P3.43(b). a) Wltat is the reading on lhe 500 V scale of the meter? b) What is the percentage of ellor in the measued voltage? Figure 3.43 P 20v 2V 3.,15Design a d'Alsonval volfieter that will have the three voltage mnges shown in Fig. P3.45. a) Specify the values of R1,R2,and R3. | 500 v b) Assume that a 500kO resistor is connected between the 100 V terminal and the common terminal. The voltmeter is then connected to an unknown voltage using the common teminal and the 200 V teminal. The voltmeter reads 188V What is the unknown voltage? c) W}lat js the maximum voltage the voltmeter h (b) tigure 3.45 P r-- -- -l 500v| I I 360 o k Modified (b) ...
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