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88 3.46 5jmple Resistiv€ Circuits The circuit model of a dc voltage souce is shown in Flg. P3.46. The following voltage measurements are made at 1Ie terminals of the source: (1) With the terminals of the source open, the voltage is meas- ured at 80 mY ard (2) with a 10 MO resistor con- nected to the terminals, the voltage is measured at 72 mV All measurements are made with a digital voltmeter that has a meter resistance of 10 MO, a) What is the internal voltage of the source (or) in millivolts? b) Wlat is the internal resistance of the source (Rr) ir kilo-ohms? figure P3.46 R" 3.48 The bddge ctucuit shown in Fig.3.26 is energized 6@ ftom a 21 V dc source. The bddge is balanced when Rl = 800 o, R' = 1200 o,and R3 : 600 o. a) What is the value of &? b) How much curent (in miltamperes) does the dc
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