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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 113

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 113 - rent source ir the...

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3,54 Find the equivalent resistance R.b in the circuit in rigure P3.54 Prcblems89 3.58 a) Find the resistance seen by the ideal voltage source in the circuit in Fig. P3.58. b) If oab equals 600 Y how much power is dissi- patedin the 15 O resistor? Figure P3.58 a 20 60J) 15() 1 0 0 3.55 In tlle circuit in Fig. P3.55(a) the device labeled D P5E.E represents a component that has the equivalelt cir- cuit shown in Fig. P3.55(b). The labels on the termi- nals of D show how the device is connected to the circuit. Find ?,x and the power absorbed by the device. 3.56 Find id and the power dissipated in t}le 140 O resis- EtrG tor in the circuit ir Fig. P3 56. Flgure P3.55 3.59 Use a Y-to-A transformation to find (a) 6dc (c) 4; and (d) the power delivered by the
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Unformatted text preview: rent source ir the circuit in Fig. P3.59. tigure P3.59 fia 8 0 140 f) 15(} i,; (b) irt ideal cur-3.60 For the circuit showrl in Fig. P3.60, find (a) ,1, 0) o, k) t , and (d) the power supplied by tle voltage Figure P3.60 300 224 20 tL 1 2 0 182 () 240 Y ) "n-'. .-. Itogrruo n 10() 3.57 Find nab in the circuit in Fig. P3.57. Figure P3.57 Derive Eqs.3.44-3.49 from Eqs.3.41 3.43.The fol-lovrhg lwo hints should help you get stated in the dglt dhectioni a) To find Rl as a tunction of &, R6, and Ra, filst subtract Eq. 3.42 ftom Eq.3.43 and then add this result to Eq. 3.39. Use similar manipulations to find R2 and R3 as functions of R,, R6, and R. . 80() 38() 60J) Figure P3.55 320 {)) 1.8 kO 3.61...
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