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Probtems 91 Figure P3.65 a) For the circuit shown in Fig. P3.66 rhe bridge is balanced when AR = 0. Show that if A-R << R, the bridge output voltage is approximately -An& U^=-r),- " (R,+ R4r - b) Given R, : 1 kO, R3 : 500 O, n4 = 5 kO, and oin - 6 V, what is the approximate bridge out- put voltage if AR is 3olo of Ro? c) Find the actual value of 1'" in part (b). Figure P3.66 show that the percent elror in the approxima- tion of o, in koblem3.66 is /A P\P. o/o enor = -::il:i:- . 100. b) Calculate the perce error in od, using the values h Problem 3.66(b). Assume the eror in t'd in the bridge circuit in Fig. P3.66 is not to exceed 0.5%.What is tlle largest percent change in Ro that can be tolerated? 3.69 a) Derive Eq.3.65. ,:lNfl[ii, b) Dedve Eq.3.68. 3.70 Derive Eq.3.70. 3,fl Suppose the grid structure in Fig.3.36 is 1 m wide and the veitical displacement
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