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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 116

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 116 - Techniques of Circuit...

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4.1 T€rminotogy p. 94 4.2 Introduction to the Node-Vottage 4.3 The Node-VoLtigc Method and Dependent 4.4 The Noile-Vottage Method: Some SpeciaL Cases p. ?01 4.5 tntroduction to the l4esh-[urrent l4ethod p. 105 4.6 The l'lesh-Current l4ethod and Depend€nt 4.7 Tte li,lesh-Current l,lethod: Som€ Spe.iat t.ses p. 109 Techniques of Circuit Analysis So far, we have analyzed retativety simple resistive circuits by applying Kirchhoff's laws in combination with Ohm's law We can use this approach for all circuits, but as they become struc- turally more complicated and involve more and more elements, this direct method soon becomes cumbersome.In this chapter we introduce two powerful techniques of circuit analysis that aid in the analysis of complex circuit structures: the node-voltage method and the mesh-curent method. These techniques give us two systematic methods of describing citcuits with the minimum Ilumber of simultaneous
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