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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 117 - on the expected...

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Practicat Perspective Circuits with Reatistic Resistors In the tast chapter we began to expLore the effect ofimprecise resistor vatues on the peformance of a circuit; specificaLty, on the perfomance of a voltage divider Resistors are manufac tured for onty a smatl number of discrete vaLues, and any given resistor from a batch of resistors witl vary fiom its stated value within some toteBnce. Resistors wjth tighter toterance, say 1ol0, are more expensive than resjstors wrth greater tolerance, say 100/". Therefore, in a circuit that uses many resjstors, it woutd be important
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Unformatted text preview: on the expected perfornrance ofthe circljt. In other words, we would tike to predjct the effect of varying each resistor's vatue on the output of the circuit. If we know that a palticul"ar resistor must be very ctose to its stated vatue for the crrcuit to function cofiectly, we can then declde to spend th€ €xtra money necessary to achieve a tr'ghter toLerance on that resisto/s vatue. ExpLorirg the effect of a circuit componenfs value on the cifcujfs outputis known as sensitivity anaLysis. 0nce we have presented additionat circuit anatysis technjques, the topic of sensitivjty anatysis wL[ be examjned. 93...
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