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98 Techniques of CncLrit AnaLysis 1f,) Figure 4.6 A The cncuit shown jn Fig. 4.5 with a rcference node and the node voltages. 10v the most branches is usually a good choice. The optimum choice of the ref- erence node (if one exists) wi become apparent after you have gained ^ some expefience using lhi\ method. In rhe circuir sboqD iD fig.4.5. rbe lq lo\rer node connect5 rhe mosl branchel so $e use ir as Lhe reference node. We flag the chosen reference node with the symbol V,as in Fig.4.6. Atter selecting the reference node, we define the node voltages on the circuit diagram. A nod€ volfage is defined as the voltage rise from the ref- erence node to a nonreference node, For tlis circuit, we must define two node voltages, which are denoted ol and 2'2 in Fig- 4.6.
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