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100 Iechniqu€5 ofCncLrit Ana y5is 4.3 The Node-Voltage Method and Dependent Sources Ifthe circuit contahs dependent sources, the node-voltage equations must be supplemented with the constraint equations imposed by the presence of the dependent sources. Example ,1.3 illustrates the application of the node-voltage method to a circuit containing a dependent source. Using the Node-Voltage Method with Dependent Use the node-voltage metiod to find the power dis- (ipated in lhe 5 Q resisror in lhe circuil sho$n in Fig.4.10. Summing the curents away from node 2 yields 01- x1 u2 Ir2 - 8lp ^ As \raritten, these two node-voltage equations con, tain tluee unknowns, namely, 01, ?r2, and id. To elim inate id we must express this controlling current in
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