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4.4 The Node Votiage l,lethod: Some speciatcases 101 lsr) : (1.14)(5) : 7.2 w. A good exercise 10 build your problen solving intuition is to reconsider this example, using nodc 2 as the rcference node. Does it make the analysis 2{) 1 51) 2{t tigure 4.11 ;1l The circuit shown in Fig. 4.10, \i/ith a refelen.e node and the node voLtaqes. 16 10 objedive l-ljnderstand and be able to use the node-vottage method 4.3 a) Usc the node-voltage mcthod to find the power associated with each source in ihe State whether the source is delive ng power to the circuit or extracting power from the b) 50v I i0{] 2 100 v figurc 4.12 3 A circuit \vith a known node vottaqe. Answen (a) p5ov: 150W,11 = -144W. zre = -80 w; (b) all sources are deliveing power to the clrcurt. NOTE: Also try Chaptet Probkms 1.19 and 424. 4.4 The Flodc-tfo{tage f4ctltsd:
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Unformatted text preview: two essential nodcs, the node-voltage method is simplified. As an example, look at the circuit in Fig. 4-12. There are lhree cssential nodes in this circuit. which means that two simultaneous equations are needed. From these three essential nodes, a rcference node has bccn chosen ard two olher nodes have been latreled. But the 100 V source constrains the voltage betwcen node 1 aDd the retercnce node to 100 V This means rhat there is only one unknown nodc voltage (rr). Solution oflhis circuit thus involves onl]' a single node vollage equation at node 2i , 2 . , , 10 50 But rr = 100 V. so Eq.4.7 can be solved lbr tr. 1)2 = 125 V. Knowing riz, we can calculate the curent in every branch.You should ver-ify that the current into node 1 in lbc branch containing the independent voltage source is 1.5 A. 14.7) (4.8) 3 i t 6f) 2 A 8 0 4 ' , (...
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