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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 129

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 129 - 4.5 l lethod I...

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4.5 Introduction to the Mesh-Current Method As stated in Section 4.1, t}]e mesh-current method of circuit analysis enables us to describe a circuit in terms of r" (/,e 1) equations. Recall tlat a mesh is a loop with no otler loops inside it. The circuit in Fig.4.1(b) is shown agai in Fig. 4.18, with cu ert arrows inside each loop to distin- guish it. Recall also that the mesh-curert method is applicable only to planar circuits. The circuit in Fig. 4.18 contahs seven essential branches where the current is unknown and four essential nodes, Therefore, to solve it via the mesh-curent method, we must *.dte four [7 (4 1)] mesh- A mesh cunent is the current that exists only il the penmeter of a mesh. On a circuit diagram it appears as eitier a closed solid line or an almost-closed solid line that follows tlte pedmeter of the apprcpriate mesh. An arrowhead on the solid line indicates the reference direction for the mesh current. Figuie 4.18 shows the four mesh ctments that describe
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