Electric Circuits 8th Edition 131

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 131 - - 20i" = -16 W....

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4.6 llre l,4esh-Cutrent l4ethod and Dependent sources 107 that the voltage drops are positive, the three mesh 40 + 2ta + 8(i. tb):0, ll('r, +6ir+ 2ll 60 .io +\ ,! ) /+ , 8a? , ?6!r 7' I ' I ' \ 6(,. lb) + 4i. + 20 = 0. (4.32) Your calculator can probably solve these equa- tions, or you can use a computer tool. Cramer's method is a useful tool when solvirrg tlree or more simultaneous equatioDs by hald. You cdr review this important tool in Appendi\ A. ReofgJnting tqs.4.32 in anriciparion of using your calculator, a computer program, or Cramer's method gives figure 4.22 ,\ The thr€€ mesh cu enis used to anatyze the circuit shown in Fi9.4.21. Thc mcsh cnrrent i" is identical with the branch crrrrcnr 'n rl'c 4rr\ source. .o rhe poser ds\oci- atcd with this source is prov = -40i, : -224 W. The minus sign mcans that this source is deliver- ing power to the nelwork. Thc currcnt in the 20 V source is identical 10 thc mcsh current
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Unformatted text preview: - 20i" = -16 W. The 20 V soulce also is delivcring power to the (4.rr) 10i, - Stb + 0i. = 8i. + 20ib 6;c = oir 6lb + 101. = The three mesh currents are i b : 2 0 A , r. : 0.80 A. b) The branch curfent in the direction of the voltage 8 () resistor in the drop 0, is i" - tb. ti - 28.8 V. ,,: 8(1" lb) objective 2-llnderstand and be able to use the mesh-current method 4.7 Use lhe mesh-current method to find (a) the power delivered by the 80 V source to the cir-cuit shown and (b) the power dissipaled in the 8 O resistor. 80v Answer: (a) 400W; (b) 50w NOTE: Abo try Chaptet Problens 4.31 snd 1.32. 4.6 Tiie Mesh-eurrent Stethed amd mependent So|'srees II lhe circuilconlains dependenl sources. the nesh-currenl equalions lnusl be supplenenled by lhe appropriale conslraiil equalions. Exanple 4.5 illustrales the application of the mesh curenl method when the circuit includes a dependenl source, 30(:}...
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