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4.7 The Ilesh-CLrrrent Method: Some Speciatiases109 objective 2-lJnderstand and b€ able to use the mesh-current method 4,8 a) Determine the number ofmesh-cunent equations needed to soh'e the circult shown. b) Use the mesh-current method to find how much power is being delivered to t}le dependenl vollJge source. Answer: 16V Answert (a) 3; (b) 36]V. 4,9 Use the mesh-current method to lind ?r, in lhe circuit sho$n. NOTE: Also try Chapter Pnblems 4.37 dnd 4.38. 4.7 The Mesh-eurrent Method: Son"re SpeeiaI eases W})en a branch includes a current source,thc mcsh currcnt method rcquircs somc additional manjpulations. Thc circuit shown in Fig. 4.25 depicts the nature of the problem. We have defined the mesh currenls ia, ib, and ic. as well as the voltage across
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Unformatted text preview: conlains live essential branches lvhere the cur'renl is uDknown and four essenlial nodes. Hence we need 10 write lwo 15 (4 1)] nesh'current equations to soive the circuit.The presence of the curreni source reduces the three unknown mesh cufents to tlvo such currents. because it cor-strains rhe difference between i" and t. to equal5 A. Hence, if we know 1. . we krow i., and vice versa. However,when we attempt to sum the voltages around eitler mesh a or rnesh c- we must inlr'oduce inlo the equations the unknown voltage across the 5 A current soulce,fhui for rnesh a: r 0 0 = 3 ( i " - l b ) + t , + 6 i a , (4.36) l00v Figure 4.25 a A circujt jttustrating nresh anatysis when a branch contains an independent cLrrrent source. l0 f) 50=4ic 1]+2(i. ib) \4.37)...
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