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120 Techniques of Cncuit Anatysk nelqork @ntaining independcnr and (a) (b) Flgure 4.44 a (a) A generatcircuit. (b)The Thdvenjn rigure 4.45.4 A circuit used io ittunrate a Thevenjn figure 4.46 A The cjrcuitshown in Fig.4.45 with ierminab a and b shot cncuit€d. 32V Figue 4,47 A The Th6venin equivatenr ofrhe circuit solving for or vields shown in Fig. 4.45. 8r) -[* [) I- Th6venin and Norton equivalents aie circuit simplification techniques that focus or termiml behavior and thus are extremelv valuable aids in "ndllsi. . Although bere $e drscuss them a. they penain ro re.isri\e ciF cuitE Th6venin and Norton equivalent circuits may be used to represent any circuit made up of lineat elements. We can best describe a Th6venin equivalent circuit by relercnce to Fig. 4.44, which represents any circuit made up of sources (both hdepend, ent and dependent) and rcsisto$. The letters a and b denote the pair of ter,
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