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Electric Circuits 8th Edition 147

Electric Circuits 8th Edition 147 - ofthc 4 O resistor in...

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4.11 r,4ore on 0eriving a Th6venin EquivaLent 123 objective 5-Understand Th6venin and Norton equival€nts 4.11 More *n $erivi*g * Th$v*n-in Hquivx[ent The lechnique for determining nrh rhat wc discussed and iltustrared in Scclion 4.10 is not ahvays thc easiest merhod available. Two other meth ods generally are simpler to use.The first is useful if thc netlvork contains only indepcndent sourccs. To calculato nft for such a nerwork, wc first deactivatc all independcnl sources and theD calculate the resistance seen looking inlo lhe network allhe designared rerminat pair.A voltagc source is deactivaled by replacing it $'ith a shorl c cuit. A curent source is deac- tivated by replacing it wirh an open circuil. Fof example, consider rhe cir, cuit shown in Fig. 4.52. Deactivating the independcnl sources simplifies the circuit to the one shown in Fig- 4.53. The resisrance seen looking
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Unformatted text preview: ofthc 4 O resistor in se es with ihe parallel combinalioDs of thc 5 and 20 Q rcsislors.Thus. R R , . r 2 o _ 8 , , . Nole that thc derivation of nTn with Eq.,1.63 is much simpler sane derivation with Eqs.,l-57+.62. than the figure 4.53 4 The circuit shown in Fig. 4.52 after deac tjvatjon of the jndependent soLrrces. 4,16 Find the Th6venin equivalent circuit with respect to the termimls a,b Ior the circuil shown. Answer: Yab = Yrh = 64-8 V, Rft : 6 O. 4,17 Find thc No on equivalent circuir with respeci to the teminals a,b tbr dre circuit sho!v!. Answe.: 1N = 6 A (directed toward a), RN : 7.5 O. 4.18 A voltmeter wirh an inlernal resistance of 100 kO is used to measure the voltage ?AB in the circuil shown.Whal is the volrmeter reading? Answer 120V NOTE: Aho try Chaptet Problems 4.63,4.66,and 4.67. 12 kO 2 5 V Figure 4.52 .r A cjrcuit used to itlustcte a Th€venin 5 ( ' 4(:} 1 5 A (4.63) 72 ll...
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