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124 lechniques0fti,cuitAnatysis If the circuit or network contains dependent sources, an alternative procedure for finding the Th6venin resistance Rrr is as follows. We fi$t deactivate all independent souces, and we then apply either a test voltage source oi a test culrent source to the Th6venin terminals a,b. The Th6venin resistance equals tle ratio of the voltage acmss the test source to t}Ie cur- rent delivered by the test source. Example 4.11 illustrates this alternative procedure for fhding Rrh, using the same ciicuit as Example 4.10. Finding the ThEvenin Equivalent Using a Test Source Find the Thdvenin resistance Rrh for the circuit in Fig.4.49, using the alternative method descdbed. 5olution We filst deactivate the independent voltage source ftom t}Ie circuit and then excite the circuit ftom the teminals a,b with either a test voltage souice or a test current soruc€. If we apply a test voltage source, we will know t}Ie voltage of the dependent voltage source ard hence the controlling curlent i. Therefoie
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