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midterm+1+2008 (1)

midterm+1+2008 (1) - Chemical Engineering 140 Midterm 1(110...

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Chemical Engineering 140 September 19, 2008 Midterm # 1 (110) Today (September 19, 2008) is the 80 th birthday of Adam West, who starred in the television series Batman from 1964-1968. Since you watched Batman reruns as a child, you decide to throw him a birthday party. The most important part of the party is serving punch. The first step in preparing punch is to mix powdered dye ( ρ d = 0.5 g / mL ) into a solution of punch concentrate ( ρ c =1.2 g / mL ) and water ( ρ w = 1.0 g / mL ). Dye, water, and concentrate must be mixed in a ratio of 6 grams of dye for every 4 L of solution, which consists of a 90:10 v/v mixture of water and concentrate. You decide to mix the punch in a continuous stirred tank of volume 30 L . To prevent overflow, the tank is filled to 2/3 of its maximum capacity during steady-state operation. Assume that mixing is perfect and instantaneous. The supply line can provide a maximum of 12 grams of dye into the tank per minute. You must prepare 200 L of punch for the party guests.
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