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prob+set+_03+.08 (1) - with dye concentration find an...

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Chemical Engineering 140 September 10, 2008 Problem Set #3 11 . Given on a previous midterm. To test the dynamic response of an inline or flow-through spectrophotometer, it is helpful to use an exponential dilution flask upstream of the photometer. The effluent from a small continuous, stirred tank (i.e., a flask) is fed to the photometer. Initially, the tank is filled with a dilute dye at concentration C. Then, clear solvent (i.e., containing no dye) is fed to the flask while maintaining the same inlet and outlet flow rates. If the transmitted absorbance measured by the photometer (i.e. minus the logarithm of the intensity) is linear
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Unformatted text preview: with dye concentration, find an expression for the spectrophotometer absorbance, A, in terms of a steady flow rate Q, and the steady volume of liquid in the flask, V. Explain why the device is called exponential dilution flask and why it is useful in testing the dynamic behavior of the spectrophotometer 12. 32.5 13. 32.6 14. 32.9 15. 32.18 For the instantaneous initial flow rate with the small tank evacuated, use 0.20 kg mol/hr (not 0.091). For the initial pressure in Tank 1, use 700 kPa (not 690 kPa)....
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