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150A+Section+Handout+Week+12 (1)

150A+Section+Handout+Week+12 (1) - within the waste...

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ChE150A Week 12 Section handout Example 1 A composite wall consists of 3 solid slabs with k 2 > k 1 > k 3 . The outer surface of slab 1 has a constant temperature, T a , and the outer surface of slab 3 has a constant temperature, T d , with T a >T d . The width of each slab is L. Sketch the relative temperature profiles within each slab, assuming 1D conduction in the x-direction and no heat generation. Example 2 (17.7 in W 3 R) Radioactive waste (k=20 W/mK) is stored in a cylindrical steel tank (k=15 W/mK) with inner and outer diameters of 1 m and 1.2 m, respectively. Thermal energy is uniformly generated
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Unformatted text preview: within the waste material at a volumetric rate of 2 x 10 5 W/m 3 . The outer tank surface is exposed to water at 25°C, with a heat transfer coefficient of 1000 W/m 2 K. The top and bottom of the tank are insulated so that all heat transfer occurs in the radial direction. Determine the steady-state temperatures at the inner and outer surfaces of the tank walls and at the center of the waste....
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