immigration - Riley 1 Martekia Riley I mmigrant operating...

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e Immigrant operating his own business. Riley 1 Martekia Riley Professor Pressley English 101 October 23, 2009 The Land of Opportunity America is one of the most powerful countries in the world; it has various opportunities for people to make a successful living. Immigration should not be a problem to our country because we have so much to offer. I believe we should allow these people to have the chance to explore the positive things we have. Immigrants will have the chance to experience a greater education, more and better career options, and be able to live their life the way they please. Immigrants also will make America a better country because it will help increase and decrease a lot of things in society which will make the living of Americans easy. Accepting the new residents will be beneficial to the Americans and to the immigrants. Welcoming the immigrants into our country shows the kindness and generosity of the Americans. It demonstrates that we are not selfish and that we care about non born citizens. It will improve our reputation and the image in our nation, making more people want to become citizens here. Immigration will show the positive things about America and it will decrease the
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immigration - Riley 1 Martekia Riley I mmigrant operating...

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