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Unformatted text preview: HW Assignment #1 Must be completed on‐line by9:05am on Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 Please read through these questions and then enter your answers in the test HW1 on Scholar. 1. A 1μA d.c. current flowed for 1ns. How many electrons moved through a cross‐sectional area to create this current pulse? 2. The voltage of a car battery is typically quoted to be equal to 12V. 100A is considered to be the minimum current required to start a car at temperatures above freezing. What is the instantaneous power that the battery is generating when starting a car under these conditions? 3. In very cold weather, the voltage of a battery can drop to as low as 7.5V and between 400A to 600A for 30 second may be required to start a car (a battery specification known as cold cranking amps). What is the minimum amount of energy produced by the battery in such situations? 4. Determine whether component #4 is generating or dissipating power and the absolute value of the power in the circuit shown below. ...
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