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MSE2034 HW#9 Due Thursday, April 8 Maximum Score = 10/10 (2 pts for #1, 4 pts each for #s 2 & 3) 1) Refer to the plain carbon steel phase diagram (Fig 9.24 of the text). Using this diagram, (a) determine the percentages of proeutectoid solid that will exist in 1040 steel (0.4 wt% carbon), 1080 steel (technically, 0.8 wt% carbon, but conventionally defined as 0.76 wt% carbon), and 10100 steel (1.0 wt% carbon). Then, (b) describe any differences you expect to exist between the pearlite microconstituents in each of these three alloys. 2) Ch.10 provides both isothermal and continuous-cooling transformation diagrams for plain carbon, eutectoid steel. Using these, and other information available in Chs. 10&11, describe the microstructure that would result from each of the following processes. Be as specific as possible about how much of each microconstituent is present at the end of the process. Distinguish between coarse and fine pearlite, if either is formed. (a)
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