Streptococci Lab Report - Procedure The procedure...

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Procedure The procedure "Streptococci Isolation and Characterization" as provided by ANGEL was followed exactly through the course of this experiment. Results After the quadrant-streaked blood agar plate had been incubated at 37 degrees Celsius, it showed colonies surrounded by a greenish-yellowish color growing in very dense patterns. Where the colonies were much smaller and more prolific in quadrant one, they tended to grow sparsely and in larger formations in quadrant four. The optochin disc seemed to have no effect on the bacterial growth in its surrounding areas, and no clearing zone had been formed. The whole agar plate only showed three or four whitish colonies growing in random places. The bile esculin slant showed blackish colorings with accompanying bacteria growing centrally in that specific coloring. The 6.5% NaCl broth showed whitish, stringy particles of growth that had settled to the bottom of the test tube. When the tube was agitated, these particles floated around sporadically (otherwise referred to as "turbidity") for about 30 seconds until settling at
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Streptococci Lab Report - Procedure The procedure...

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