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A critique of an empirical article A critique of an empirical article examines the strength of the empirical evidence supporting the author's argument. Both strengths and weaknesses should be identified in a critique. Explain and justify each of your critique points in at least 3-4 sentences. To the best of your abilities, discuss each of the following categories in a separate paragraph: 1. CLARITY: Is the article's purpose and argument clear? Do the researchers clearly develop a major research question, proposition, or hypothesis that is to be evaluated in the empirical study and discussed in this article? If the study is exploratory (preliminary), is sufficient justification for an exploratory strategy given? 2. THEORETICAL GROUNDING: Is the researcher's argument grounded in more basic theory? Is it clear whether the structure of the empirical study (i.e., what they do) was derived from theory, or just made up? In theory-building articles, is the need for new theory adequately established?
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