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Department of Psychology Oakland University PSY 338, Health Psychology, 4 Credits, Spring Summer 2010 Instructor: Sylvie Lombardo, Ph.D. Office: 215 Pryale Hall Course Section #: 31003 E-mail: [email protected] Class Time: 9:45 -11:50 AM Office Phone: 248-370-2315 Classroom: PH 320 Office Hours: Monday: 12:00- 2:00 PM (and by appointment) Course Description This course will provide an introduction to the field of health psychology, a field of study focusing on psychological and behavioral aspects of physical and mental health. The division 38 of the American Psychological Association (APA 38) delineated the following educational objectives for health psychology courses: 1. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the complex interplay between one's physical well-being and a variety of biological, psychological, and social factors. 2. Learn how psychological research methods, theories, and principles can be applied to enhance approaches for promoting health and treating illness. 3. Learn the nature of the stress response and its impact in the etiology and course of many health problems. 4. Discover how behavioral and cognitive methods can help individuals cope with stress. 5. Develop skills for designing programs to improve one's own and others' personal health habits and lifestyles. 6. Acquire an understanding of the difficulty patients experience in deciding whether or when to seek treatment for disturbing symptoms. 7. Become aware of the experiences of patients in the hospital setting, factors that affect adherence to medical regimens, and sources of problems in patient/practitioner relationships. 8. Determine how psychological and medical methods for relieving pain differ and are often combined to enhance treatment effectiveness. 9. Become aware of the impact that disabling or life-threatening illnesses have on patients and their families. 10. Discover how psychological methods and principles can be applied to help patients manage and cope with chronic illness. This class satisfies the General Education requirements in the Writing Intensive in a major area . Course Prerequisites/corequisites: PSY 100 and 250 Required Text(s) and Supporting Course Material: . Sarafino, Edward P. (2008) Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Course Procedures: Lectures Intensive Writing Course General Education Requirement: At least one third (1/3) of the overall course grade is based on substantive written assignments. The student will demonstrate: 1. Knowledge of the elements, writing processes, and organizing strategies for creating analytical and expository prose 2. Effective rhetorical strategies appropriate to the topic, audience, context, and purpose Cross-Cutting Capacities : effective communication, critical thinking Course Objectives (derived from American Psychological Association guidelines): 1. Respect and use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and, when possible, the scientific approach to solve
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338syllabus_SS10 - College of Arts & Sciences Department of...

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