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Assess Health Behavior Change and Apply Theoretical Principles to Health Behavior Change A. Learning objectives: 1) To understand psychological processes affecting health behavior change including personal motivations and beliefs about a personally chosen target health behavior 2) To apply theory to real life situations including the trans-theoretical model of change, the Health Belief Model (HBM), and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) in order to assess readiness to change behavior, factors reinforce behavioral change, and reflect on successes or failures. B. Instructions : 1) Students will select a personal health behavior to target for change from the list of behavior published on the Cancer Prevention Research Center(CPRC) at the University of Rhode Island ( http://www.uri.edu/research/cprc/measures.htm ). Students can also select behaviors not include in the list (e.g., texting and driving). 2) Students will track daily achievement of target behavior goals for a total of five weeks 3) Student will assess their readiness to change and set goals for health behavior change 4) Student will apply concepts from prevailing behavior theories to health behavior change. 5)
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338_behavior_health_plan - Assess Health Behavior Change...

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