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Markus ISM 654-01 Spring 2010 Syllabus 1 Project Management University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bryan School of Business & Economics Department of Information Systems & Operations Management Course Number : ISM 654.01 Course Name : Project Management Instructor : Mr. Barry W. Markus Office : 437 Bryan Building, Telephone: 336-655-2633 (cell) Fax : 334-4083 E-mail : [email protected] Office Hours : By appointment Required Materials : Project Management in Practice, 3rd Edition Samuel J. Mantel, Jr., Univ. of Cincinnati Jack R. Meredith, Univ. of Cincinnati Scott M. Shafer, Wake Forest Univ. Margaret M. Sutton, Project Management Consultant ISBN: 978-0-470-12164-1 ©2008 336 pages. Cover of textbook looks like this: Optional Materials : None Prerequisites : Admission to either MSITM, MBA or other approved graduate program. Completion of MBA 607 preferred.
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Markus ISM 654-01 Spring 2010 Syllabus 2 Course Description : Modern methods of defining, planning and managing large IT and other business projects. Computer software and network modeling are used to support the efficient scheduling of interdependent activities. INTRODUCTION & RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COURSEWORK: Project Management deals with seeking new methods of planning, organizing, and controlling non-routine tasks. The management of a project differs in several ways from management of a typical enterprise. The goal of a project team is to accomplish its prescribed mission and then disband; though this is easier said than done. Project Management has been around for some time, though it has recently become more important because of the shifting emphasis on teams in accomplishing tasks. Some of the better known examples of tasks accomplished using project management techniques are: The construction of the Egyptian pyramids The UNCG Banner System The construction of the new baseball stadium at Downtown Greensboro ERP implementations The Denver International Airport The 2008 Olympics in China The Relocation of the old Chancellor’s Residence at UNCG This course covers some of the issues related to managing projects in organizations and students will be expected to draw on materials from other business courses. GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To understand the concepts of project planning and organization, budgeting and control, project communications, and project life cycles. 2. To learn concepts related to organizational workflow including the staffing process, project planning elements, and the project plan contents and project communications. 3. To master several basic project scheduling techniques including WBS, CPM, PERT, GANTT CHARTS, and resource constrained scheduling. 4. To understand the related concepts of organizational forms, conflict resolution, and issues related to leadership and task management in a project environment.
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