101N Final - Name:_ FinalPhilosophy101N I. True/false (1...

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Name:_______________________ Final - Philosophy 101N I. True/false (1 point each) T F 1. In the article we read in class, D’Holbach gives a specific argument against substance dualism. T F 2. Searle agrees with his critics that understanding comes in degrees, but that computers can achieve only the lowest level of understanding possible. T F 3. Searle believes that in the distant future, androids might think. T F 4. In the Chinese Room analogy, Searle answers questions posed by native Chinese speakers by looking in the rule book for the correct answer. T F 5. The biggest problem yet to be overcome by the substance dualist is the interaction problem. T F 6. According to the property dualist the mind cannot affect the body. T F 7. According to Moreland, substances are universals. T F 8. Theism is compatible with physicalism. T F 9. The abortion debate hinges on whether women have reproductive rights or not. T F 10. Divine command theory is a kind of moral epistemology. T F 11. Cultural relativists believe that x is right iff x brings about the greatest good for that culture. T F 12. The critics of cultural relativism believe there are differences in ethical beliefs and practices among different cultures. T F 13. Under all normative ethical theories, the Nazi holocaust was wrong. II. Multiple Choice : Only the best answer will be counted as correct (2 points each) ______ 1. Which of the following is (not even roughly) equivalent to ‘physicalism’? A. dualism D. All of the above B. materialism E. None of the above C. monism ______ 2. If near-death experiences are interpreted as a personal consciousness being transported to another time-space reality, then these experiences are
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101N Final - Name:_ FinalPhilosophy101N I. True/false (1...

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