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Name:____________________ Final - Philosophy 150N Do either Section I (short answer) or Section II (truth tables), but not both . I. Short answer. 1. Explain the difference between ostensive and denotative definitions. 2. Give an example of two terms that have the same extension but differ in their emotive force. 3. Explain the difference between ignoring a common cause and assuming a common cause. II. Answer the questions about the following formulas. i) [(P Q) (~P & Q)] [P ii) (P Q) (~P Q) iii) P & (~P P) iv) Q 3) Is (i) a tautology, contradiction, or contingency? ____________________________ 4) If (ii) and (iii) were premises in a deductive argument with (iv) as the conclusion, would the argument be valid or invalid? ________________________________
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Unless you are very confident in your answer, give a one sentence explanation. _____ 5. Free speech in China? Of course they have free speech in China! You are guaranteed the freedom to speak; it’s just that you’re not guaranteed freedom after you’ve spoken! A. straw man C. appeal to common practice B. apple polishing D. horse laugh/ridicule _____ 6. Toads do too cause warts. People have known that for centuries. A. wishful thinking C. appeal to common practice B. scare tactics D. appeal to belief _____ 7. Smith: How is it you’ve turned into a Forbes supporter? Jones: Are you kidding? Look at how fast he’s climbed in the polls! A. bandwagon C. appeal to common practice B. ad hominem D. appeal to pity _____ 8. Is the president guilty of sexual harassment, as the Republicans are yelping? Hey, give me a break! What's important is jobs, health care, and welfare reform. A. straw man C. red herring B. ridicule D. appeal to common practice _____ 9. Sure the Russians say that they’re getting rid of their nuclear weapons. You know you can’t trust the Russians about something like that! A. ad hominem C. subjectivist fallacy B. appeal to pity D. common practice _____ 10. Every event has a cause other than itself, since if it didn't, it would have to have caused itself, which is impossible. A. straw man C. begging the question B. ridicule D. appeal to pity _____ 11. Obviously it was right for us to attack Iraq. Polls showed that over 90% of Americans thought the war was justified. A. straw man C. subjectivist fallacy B. horse laugh D. appeal to belief _____ 12. Hunter: I support sport hunting because ultimately it's beneficial to the species. Without natural predators, deer would overpopulate this area, which would lead to massive starvation. Conservationist: Well, that's the most foolish and cruel argument I've ever heard.
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FINAL (2) - Name FinalPhilosophy150N Do either Section...

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