FINAL - x is a comic; Rxy x reads y; Lxy x listens to y;...

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FINAL Philosophy 250 Name:_____________________ WI'94 Jeff Koperski Mary Ellen Smircich Part I. Symbolize the following sentences using the dictionaries provided. (3 pts. each) For (1)-(2): Ax x is an angel; Ix x is innocent; Px x is a politician (1) Only the innocent are angels. (2) No politicians are angels. For (3)-(4): Hx x is by Harvey; Px x is a painting; Ux x is contains unicorns; Cx x is admired by the critics; Lx x is loved by the public; Jx x is by Joe; Bx x is beautiful; Vx x is valuable (3) Not all of Harvey's paintings that contain unicorns are admired by the critics and loved by the public. (4) No painting by Joe or Harvey is either beautiful or valuable unless it contains unicorns. For (5)-(8): Sx x is a student; Bx x is a book; Px x is a professor; Cx
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Unformatted text preview: x is a comic; Rxy x reads y; Lxy x listens to y; Axyz x assigns y to z (5) Some students read some books assigned by some professors. (6) Not every student listens to every professors. (7) Some students read books and comics. (8) All students read books. For (9)-(10): a Ahab; m Moby Dick; Ax x is an albino; Px x is a person; Wx x is a whale; Mxy x is meaner than y (9) Moby Dick is the only albino whale. (10) Ahab is the meanest person. Part II. Use the model universe method to show the following argument is invalid.(19 pts.) (x)[Fx ( 5 y)Gxy] / ( 5 x)(y)(Fx Gxy) Part III. (cont.) (b) [( 5 x)Gx v ( 5 x)Fx] ( 5 x)~Jx, (x)(Jx v Mx), ~( 5 x)(Mx Nx) / (x)Nx (x)~Gx...
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FINAL - x is a comic; Rxy x reads y; Lxy x listens to y;...

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