EC__10102 - EC101 Principles of Microeconomics Boazii...

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EC101 – Principles of Microeconomics Boğaziçi University, Summer 2010 by Arhan Ertan Email: Office: tba Office Hours: Teaching Assistant: tba Office Hours: tba Syllabus Course Description : This is an introductory course in microeconomics, whose purpose is to introduce the main concepts of microeconomics including consumer theory, producer theory, gains from trade, market equilibrium, monopoly, public goods, and the role of the government in the economy. At the end of the semester, students will be able to evaluate whether the economic agents (individuals, firms, policymakers) are efficiently using the scarce resources of the world. Prerequisites: This course requires basic math skills in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, as well as an ability to manipulate data, read graphs, and pay attention to detail (all of which, you should have learned in high school!) . Textbook: N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Microeconomics, 5 th edition Lectures will draw heavily from contents of this book. Valuable resources for students can be found at the textbook’s student website: Other than the textbook, additional readings may be distributed, covering applications of the theories studied in class. The text and the additional readings together will provide you with the tools to understand and analyze microeconomics. Grading: 30% Midterm 25% Class Participation 5% Final Exam (cumulative) 40% HWs and Quizzes: There will be several quizzes and HWs (around one quiz and/or HW in every week). If you miss a quiz without a legitimate excuse you will get 0 points. The quiz/HW
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EC__10102 - EC101 Principles of Microeconomics Boazii...

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