COMP2210.Syllabus.Spring2010 - COMP 2210 Fundamentals of...

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C O M P 2 2 1 0 F u n d a m e n t a l s o f C o m p u t i n g I I S p r i n g 2 0 1 0 C o u r s e S t a f f Instructor Dr. Dean Hendrix Office: 3127B Shelby Center Phone: 334-844–6305 E-mail: Office Hours: MTWF 10:00am-11:00am or by appointment Teaching Assistants Sections 001 and 002 Prateek Hejmady Office: 3136 Shelby Center E-mail: Sections 003 and 004 Patrick Smith Office: 3136 Shelby Center E-mail: C o u r s e M e e t i n g s Lecture Shelby 1103 11:00am – 11:50am MWF Labs Shelby 2122 Sec 001 11:00am-12:15pm TR Sec 002 12:30pm-1:45pm TR Sec 003 2:00pm-3:15pm TR Sec 004 3:30pm-4:45pm TR C o u r s e M a t e r i a l s Textbook Venugopal, S. (2006). Data Structures Outside-In with Java (1st ed.). Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-198619-8. Engineering Network Account Each student is required to have an account on the Engineering Network. Your programs must compile and run on this network. Go to 103 L-Building for assistance with your account. University IT Account You are responsible for checking your email as well as the course web site on a regular basis. Per University policy, email sent to your account is considered official University communication and you are held responsible for it. Development Environment jGRASP (1.8.7) Java 2 JDK 6.0 (6u15) C o u r s e C o n t e n t COMP 2210 is designed to introduce fundamental data structures, their associated algorithms, and applications in which they are commonly used. An object-oriented approach to problem solving and program design will be emphasized in the lecture and reinforced in the lab. Specific course objectives are: (1) Be able to design, implement, and apply data structures based on specifications of abstract data types. (2) Be able to apply concepts and techniques from object-oriented programming. (3) Be able to perform fundamental testing and debugging techniques. (4)
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This note was uploaded on 07/06/2010 for the course CSSE COMP 2210 taught by Professor Hendrix during the Spring '10 term at Auburn University.

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COMP2210.Syllabus.Spring2010 - COMP 2210 Fundamentals of...

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