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BacTran7 - Today’s Lab 1 Digest plasmids 2 Bacterial...

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7/7/10 Many plasmids carry genes for antibiotic resistance. If a bacterium picks up one of these plasmids, and thus the genes, it becomes resistant. We will introduce plasmids containing genes for antibiotic resistance to a bacterium that is susceptible to the antibiotic. When you plate these bacteria onto media containing the antibiotic, only those cells which have successfully transformed will grow. http://www.sumanasinc.com/webcontent/anisa
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Unformatted text preview: Today’s Lab 1. Digest plasmids 2. Bacterial transformation 7/7/10 Bacterial Transformation lab exercises - We do 2 basic exercises in this lab: 1. A restriction enzyme digestion of a bacterial plasmid. • Compare digested and undigested plasmids with gel electrophoresis 2. Bacterial transformation: introduce plasmids with antibiotic resistance to E. coli . • Plate bacterial cells onto agar with ampicillin to screen for transformed cells...
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