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Study Questions for “What fuels fat?” SciAmercian Article 1. What is the evolutionary advantage to the ability to make and store fat? 2. The article states: “the human body’s regulation mechanisms seem to be slightly biased in favor of preserving fat rather than eliminating it.” Name two ways the body will respond to a sudden loss of weight. 3. How have agricultural and technological advances contributed to increases in obesity? 4. Which part of the brain is central for the body’s ability to control energy intake and energy storage? 5. Name the protein produced by glands in an empty stomach that trigger’s hunger. 6. Name a protein produced by fat cells that serve to suppress hunger. 7. Describe (in detail using figure of p75 of article) the three mechanisms by which leptin is thought to suppress hunger. 8. Use the figure on p76 (as well as class notes on hunger/satiation) to describe the
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Unformatted text preview: nervous system and hormonal signals that are thought to control hunger/satiation centers in the brain. 9. Very few cases of human obesity are linked to defective leptin production. Explain how some patients might develop leptin resistance. What are some possible proteins associated with the development of leptin resistance?Use the concept of negative feedback to explain how leptin resistance might occur. 10. Use the Box:Fat’s Fuzzy role in Disease p79)to describe how abdominal fat,RBP4, and Adiponectin may be linked to the development of insulin resistance and type II diabetes. 11. What is bariatric surgery and how does it work to treat obesity? 12. What is Orlistat and how does it work to treat obesity? 13. What drug blocks the receptor involved in the “munchies”? Is it legal in the US?...
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