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PSYC 4165 Homework 3: Contrast Sensitivity Part 1: a. Yes. The minimum contrast required for a 3.0 cpd sine wave grating is 0.00229 + (0.00175 – 0.00229) * (3.75-3.0) / (3.75 – 2.65) = 0.00192. Thus a higher contrast of 0.005 will be sufficient to see the stimulus, as it is above the threshold. b. No. The minimum contrast required for a 30.0 cpd sine wave grating is 0.0702. Thus a lower contrast of 0.005 will not be sufficient to see the stimulus, as it is below the threshold. Part 2: Contrast Sensitivity Function 1 10 100 1000 1 10 100 Log of Spatial Frequency
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Unformatted text preview: Contrast Sensitivity This contrast sensitivity function is dissimilar to the standard graph shown on page 51 of the textbook. The lower spatial frequencies are much more sensitive in this data, probably due to the integration of many functions for low spatial frequency vision. This leads to a higher real sensitivity than theoretical individual receptive field performance. The peak sensitivity also appears higher, though past medium frequencies the shape of the graph closely follows the standard....
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