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Alineena Davis November 3, 2009 African American History 100 Professor P. Praylow- Anita Bravo The Significance of Shirley Chisholm’s ’72 Presidential Campaign
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In July of 1971, as the first Black women elected into congress, Shirley Chisholm began to consider the possibility of running for the presidency of the United States. When she made the final decision to seek an official nomination to be placed on the ticket to represent the Democratic Party, she was marking one of the most significant events in African American history and the history of women in the U.S. Chisholm’s campaign was significant because as the first black woman to seriously run for presidency of the U.S. she symbolized a new era in American political history, she was attempting to create a new America, she wanted to represent the full body of America, and opened doors for future politicians who may have all the odds stacked against them. When Chisholm first began her campaigning for presidency, people thought her to be unrealistic and downright crazy for believing that she could actually win. Chisholm had a totally different agenda that not only was serious in an attempt to claim presidency, but to win despite the negative opinions and oppressions she faced as a black women in the 70’s. She succeeded in placing herself as a significant force to be reckoned with in an arena that was previously reserved and biased in a white man’s favor. To understand how important Chisholm’s campaign was, one
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AfroResponse2[1] - Alineena Davis November 3 2009 African...

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