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MGF301 Assignment 5 - Fall 2010

MGF301 Assignment 5 - Fall 2010 - ASSIGNMENT 5 MGF 301...

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ASSIGNMENT 5 MGF 301 Corporation Finance Spring 2010 DUE: Monday, April 26th at 12:30pm. You can turn in your assignment until 11am in Jacobs 365 or before 12:30 in Jacobs 106 before the final class starts. You may work in a group of up to 4 on this Assignment. Please indicate clearly on all submitted Assignments who the members of the group are. Please note, all assignments submitted with more than 4 group members will automatically receive a 0 grade. No late assignments will be accepted. You may hand in the assignment in person in as noted above or submit it by email to the Digital Dropbox on UBLearns before the time it is due. All email submissions must be to the Digital Dropbox (go to Control Panel, Digital Dropbox and hit “Send file”) . Note: Do not use the “#” symbol in your file name! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Answer all of the following questions. For each answer, show your work to get full points (stating the answer alone is not sufficient) .
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