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Syllabus_Spring 2010 - MGF301 - SYLLABUS School of...

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SYLLABUS School of Management – SUNY Buffalo MGF 301 – Corporation Finance Spring 2010 Class Hours: Mon/Wed 12:30 - 1:50 Class Location: 106 Jacobs Instructor: Teaching Assistants: Derek Mohr Laura Van Erden 346 Jacobs 365 Jacobs 645-3268 645-5241 [email protected] [email protected] Office Hours: MW 11:00-12:00 Office Hours: MW 9:30-11:00 and by appointment Ryan Kovel 365 Jacobs 645-5241 [email protected] Office Hours: Tu/Th 2:00-3:30 Course Overview Corporation Finance is an introductory course covering financial issues facing businesses. We will discuss in detail the time value of money (which is a central concept of finance), as well as how corporations choose projects to invest in and finance their operations, and how to calculate the required rate of return for a company or a project. In covering this material, recent business examples and financial research will be featured to supplement the textbook. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 5/e Edition, by Brealey, Myers & Marcus; McGraw- Hill/Irwin, 2007, (text ISBN 0-07-301238-6). Or you can use the new 6th edition, 2009, ISBN 978-0-07-726334-8 . Financial Calculator (optional) MoneySkill - free online simulation program (optional) Stocksquest - free online stock picking game (optional) Microsoft Excel Regular business publication or internet site with detailed financial news. Class Viewing/Attendance All lectures and other class materials will be available through UBLearns and can be viewed online from any location. Lectures are generally available within 24 hours of the in-class session (and many times are available the same afternoon). For students in Section A, attendance is not mandatory and it is common for students to prefer watching the lectures online instead of coming to class. For students in Section B, there will be space for you to attend the in-class session after the first few classes.
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SYLLABUS Tests and Assignments There will be two (2) tests and five (5) assignments. Tests will be held on Saturday, February 20th at 9:30am in Knox 20 and on Saturday, April 10th at 9:30am in Knox 20. Tests will be will be approximately 90 minutes long.
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This note was uploaded on 07/07/2010 for the course MGF 301 taught by Professor Mohr during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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Syllabus_Spring 2010 - MGF301 - SYLLABUS School of...

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