Pink sheet questions lectures 9 to

Pink sheet questions lectures 9 to - centrosomes at the...

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Pink sheet questions: LaFountain - Part 2 1. Can mitosis be completed if the mitotic spindle is not formed? 2. What is the sequence of steps is the formation of the mitotic spindle? 3. What is the source of “building blocks” for microtubules that constitute the mitotic spindle? 4. What structural changes are evident in chromosomes as they exit interphase (G2) and enter mitosis (M)? At what stage of mitosis is this change first detected? 5. What is the proper orientation of sisters relative to the two spindle poles (i.e. the
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Unformatted text preview: centrosomes at the foci of the two asters) during mitosis? 6. What happens to cohesin (“glue”) proteins at the onset of anaphase? What impact does the loss of cohesins have on the behavior of sister chlromatids? 7. In humans, how many chromosomes are expected at the spindle equator at metaphase of mitosis? How many are expected at each spindle pole at the completion of anaphase (i.e. telophase)? 8. What is the rationale underlying the use of microtubule poisons in chemotherapeutic treatment of tumors?...
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