LESON1A - Econ 275 - Fall 1992 - Lesson #1 - 9/1/92 -...

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Econ 275 - Fall 1992 - Lesson #1 - 9/1/92 - leson1a.275 Administative Only 1 200 level course is allowed in the major. Course Outline and Syllabus Note that the syllabus is tentative . Will reschedule as needed except the papers and the test--those are fixed. Grading. Tests will be in class on the days indicated. Combination of problems. Look at problems in book and study guide. 50 percent of the grade. 2 short papers answering questions in the study guide. Due dates given. Good writing skills. There is a writing lab on campus if you need help. At a minimum the writing needs to be good. I will obviously look closely at the content. Can substitute evaluating two opposing position papers (newpaper editorials, popular magazines, etc) and writing 2 page summary and evaluation. Limit 2 pages. If you look at the papers you need to clear it with me in advance. 10 percent. Group project. Next week we will divide up into groups of 5-7 people. Each group will pick a piece of the federal budget. It could be some specific program such as Medicaid, Social Security, or it could be a department such as the agriculture department. The project goal is to formulate some modification of the department or program. The idea here is to get an indepth view of some piece of the federal government. This will be a lot of work. I will pass out a sheet detailing the expectations next week. It should be something less than 40 pages. At the end of the term you will notice on the outline that 2 class periods are allocated to projects. Each group will present their work and have it evaluated by the class (and myself). Also there will be a short personal evaluation made of the project giving you a chance to express differences or augmentations of the group project along with a personal insights gained in the process. This will be worth 10 percent. I reserve the flexibility t o weight outstanding work somewhat more heavily than the outline suggests. The prerequisite for this course in
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LESON1A - Econ 275 - Fall 1992 - Lesson #1 - 9/1/92 -...

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